Countdown to PUB DAY!!

Hey! Hi! Hello! (I never know how to start these things...) With just 13 days left before the publication of my first novel,┬áThe Soul Keepers, I'm here to drop some major info about launch events, the giveaway of my last ARC, and pre-order swag! So let's get right into it! First off, launch events! I'll … Continue reading Countdown to PUB DAY!!


On Finding Time to Write with Tiny Humans Around

If I told you that I've always had a super-awesome, super-focused work ethic when it comes to writing, would you believe me? No? Good. Because obviously that's a lie. Up until last year, my writing time was disjointed, sporadic, and usually extremely rare. I started projects that I never finished -- sometimes after putting a … Continue reading On Finding Time to Write with Tiny Humans Around